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About us

HAVAH's mission is to create outstanding products and use business to inspire and accelerate our efforts to save the planet and improve lives.

HAVAH® is an all-inclusive purpose-driven lifestyle fashion brand. Positive social and environmental impacts are woven into the fabric of HAVAH.

As a pioneer in modern eco luxurious activewear, our approach to fashion is different and unique. Designed by Master Designers and exclusively handmade by Expert Craftsmen, every masterpiece does good for the planet and people. Planting trees in Madagascar and providing clean drinking water in Cambodia are a few of the good causes we contribute to.

Born from a sport of grace & elegance

Graceful ballet


HAVAH activewear was born from dancing where comfort and performance is paramount. Movement, grace and elegance is in our DNA. Our high-quality fabrics and exquisite activewear have been throughly tested by World and European dance champions to provide optimum stretch, comfort and movement. 


Designed to stand out

Master Artists at work

Designed by Master Designers, our clothes are exclusively handmade in Europe and North America. HAVAH is where exquisite form and aesthetics meet exceptional function. We believe that style shouldn't be compromised. Our activewear is great for fashion, sports, and everyday wear.


Reimagined for modern life

 Modern life model

Your activewear is your ultimate companion, and it should be thoughtfully designed to fit your needs and figure, without sacrificing style and comfort. Whether you are seamlessly transitioning from workout to street, a meeting to a coffee date, or anywhere in between, each masterpiece is thoughtfully designed to match your individual and unique aesthetic. Our masterpieces can be layered, mixed, and matched with everyday wear.


Exceptional craftsmanship


Each style is dreamed up to be rooted in the perfect balance of form and function. Our handmade to order products are precision-cut and hand-sewn for the finest quality. Using a luxurious blend of fabrics, they're designed to withstand your routine and turn heads while doing so. Discover our signature handmade activewear exclusively handcrafted for Monday to Sunday and from workout to relaxed weekends at home.

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Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion image

We are a pioneer in modern eco luxurious activewear. Our approach to fashion is different and unique. All our products are sustainably handmade to order to minimise our impact on the environment.

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Child collecting water

We are an active participant in promoting prosperity while protecting the planet through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. From providing clean drinking water to planting trees, we handcraft quality products that create good for people and the planet.

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