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HAVAH Insider

At HAVAH, we believe in giving back to our customers. It's all about sharing the love and spreading happiness. We love to make our customers smile; that's why we've named our points HAVAH Smiles. You basically get points, which we call Smiles, for shopping with us.

Claim your £5 coupon by signing up, liking our facebook page and following us on instagram. 

Here's a summary of how HAVAH Insider works:

Action HAVAH Smiles earned Savings to redeem 
Signup for account 300 £3
Like our Facebook page 100 £1
Follow us on Instagram 100 £1
Buy leggings at £95 570 £5
Total 1070 £10


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HAVAH Insider

Earn more HAVAH Smiles for different actions, and turn those Smiles into awesome rewards!

Ways to earn:

  • Signup for an account and get 300 Smiles (£3 discount)
  • Like our Facebook page and get 100 Smiles (£1 discount)
  • Follow us on Instagram and get 100 Smiles (£1 discount)
  • For every order you place, you get 6 Smiles for every £1 spent

Ways to redeem:

  • By signing up, liking our Facebook page and following us on Instagram, you already have £5 discount to claim towards your first purchase. 
  • For your next order you get £1 discount for every 100 HAVAH Smiles

Examples of how HAVAH Insider works:

  • You buy 1 legging at £95 and you get 570 (95x6) HAVAH Smiles. With 570 Smiles you get £5 off your next purchase and you have 70 Smiles left in your account. 
  • If you have signed up, liked our Facebook page and followed us on Instagram, you have £5 to claim towards your first purchase. So the £95 leggings will cost you £90 and you will get 540 Smiles which is £5 discount towards your next purchase and 40 Smiles left in your account. For every extra purchase, you will earn more Smiles even when you've used your discount.

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After you made a purchase, share your referral link with your friends or on social media. You will both get a £20 coupon for purchases over £90. 

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