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What is fashionable in 2021?

In the last year the world has experienced significant challenges. COVID-19 has changed billions of lives worldwide as many are forced to change their lifestyle and adapt to the ‘new normal’. But what does that mean for fashion in particular? 


We're going to dive into four significant trends that will help you shop better this year.

Heels are out, Loungewear in!

Our new going-out on a Friday night is an organised quiz on Zoom. However, this means the type of clothes we wear now is generally much comfier! Within the UK, demand for loungewear and casualwear has skyrocketed by 49%. So the next time you shop, look for comfy wear whether that’s preloved, vintage activewear or an oversized vintage jumper.

Shop on a Budget 

Due to changes to our work-life, some of us had to find much more affordable ways to look fashionable. When we are shopping budgets, have been put in place to manage our spending. Due to this, second-hand purchasing is one way you can get what you want for more than half the retail price.

Continue to Shop Online

Majority of us are restricted to stay at home. Therefore, shopping online seems to be the easiest, quickest and most effective way to pick out your favourite styles. It has been reported more than one-third of consumers now shop online weekly since the pandemic hit in April last year and it will continue to grow. Don’t worry you can still support local and small businesses online on platforms like Etsy. 

Sustainability Is Growing

The pandemic has certainly made customers much more aware of the environment and what we need to do to combat climate change. Sustainability is becoming a big trend in the packaged goods and fashion industry. This change in attitudes has influenced the rise of second-hand and eco-friendly fashion. 

Although the pandemic has created many changes, remember there are alternative ways to shop which is better for fashion longevity.

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