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How to Wear Your Activewear at Home?

How to Wear Your Activewear at Home?

Due to the pandemic, many of us can't go out to the gym or even travel too far to explore nature. Unfortunately, the pandemic has changed our lifestyle, especially the way we exercise or enjoy physical activities. However, there are many ways you can stylishly wear activewear from the comfort of our own home ready for those zoom calls or facetime chats!

Activewear split

We have put together four ways you can continue to look good. 

The Oversized Top

Sports leggings with an oversized cardigan weren't even thought of until COVID-19 hit last year. This look has recently been on trend as one comfy look to rock this year. So don’t hesitate to pull out your knitted cardis when you want to lounge in sportswear during the colder months.


Tracksuits have a comeback in fashion, although they were always considered as a key activewear essential. This type of outfit has been silent over the years until now. According to the LA Times, especially the velour tracksuit is cool again. So don't be afraid to take out those old tracksuits or purchase one on Depop to be fashionable and relaxed. 

Oversized Vintage 

A trendy look is wearing an oversized jumper from iconic brands such as Nike, Champion, Adidas and Reebok with leggings and trainers. This is a typical comfy, chilled and relaxed look. The oversized look is a classic 

Reinvented Preloved Activewear 

A few vintage lovers are starting to reinvent their preloved clothes. Many have adopted a sewing kit and learnt to crop those oversized activewear tops, baggy jeans and oversized tracksuit bottoms. This doesn't only get your creative juices flowing but also reinvents your old clothes into new styles and fashion pieces. If you can't sew or haven't got the time, support your local seamstress or tailor by contacting about changing your preloved clothes 

Remember it's ok to wear leggings or trainers all day to make you feel much comfier. However you want to wear your activewear, wear it with pride.

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