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How To Best Use Your Summer Activewear In The Winter

Activewear is great for keeping us motivated and focussed on our fitness, with the right clothes going a long way in getting us in the mood to workout. In the winter months, the cold weather and darker days can hinder this mood and we can find ourselves leaving our activewear tucked away, only to be reused in the summer.
Winter activewear

Here are our 3 tips for how to best use your activewear in the winter:

  1. Layering – Your activewear is made to cling tightly to your body and allow for complete freedom of movement, so you can always use it as a warm foundation to layer on top of – knowing that you’re not sacrificing movement for warmth. This is best done with a sports bra or a thermal top, meaning you don’t have to wear some oversized heavy coat to battle the cold.
  2. Leggings and joggers – Our legs are something we tend to not pay too much attention to when dressing for the cold weather. We usually just throw on any old pair of trousers, but your activewear serves a temperature-keeping purpose too, with the material made to insulate. Using leggings or joggers as a cold-battling alternative to your jeans or trousers will keep you warm this winter.
  3. Stand out – With the darker days and earlier sundown’s, being more visible when being out in the winter is key. Activewear comes in many different styles and colour schemes, some even with fluorescent patches. If you’re heading out when it’s dark, your activewear can provide you with some much-needed safety and visibility.

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