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8 websites and apps you need for sustainable fashion

With COVID and lockdown upon us, it's no surprise that recently there has been a rise in sustainability overall.  

Sustainable imag e- phone being held

Technology is making sustainable fashion easier

Here's our recommendations for websites and apps to turn you into a sustainable fashion hunter:

  1. Loopster is a website for trading used children’s and women’s clothes.
  2. Depop is where you can buy and sell unique fashion (available on Google Play and App Store).
  3. Vinted tells you if you "Don't wear it? Sell it!". Available on Google Play and App Store. 
  4. Vestiaire Collective is where you can buy and sell pre-loved designer clothes and handbags. Available on App Store and Google Play. 
  5. Sojo app - the deliveroo for clothes repair and alterations. Only on App Store; sorry android folks. 😞
  6. Nuw advises you to have an "open relationship with your wardrobe". Borrow, lend and swap clothes. Available on App Store and Google Play. 
  7. Swopped is an online clothes swapping / swishing service where you get equal credits for clothes you swap. 
  8. Thrift+ allows to shop and donate the best second-hand fashion. Available on App Store and Google Play. 

It's never been easier to shop sustainably and now you have no excuse. 

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Here are the links to all websites and apps:
  1. Loopster -
  2. Depop -
  3. Vinted -
  4. Vestiaire Collective -
  5. Sojo -
  6. Nuw -
  7. Swopped -
  8. Thrift+ -

Reference: The Guardian

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