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HAVAH Insider Rewards

Earn and redeem HAVAH Points.
They're as good as cash!

HAVAH points

At HAVAH, we reward our customers for sustainably shopping with us. Every time you place an order, receive 1 HAVAH Point for every pound you spend. You can then redeem 20 HAVAH Points per every pound spent when you place your next order.


Here's a summary of how HAVAH Insider Rewards works:

Extra Points
Action HAVAH Points earned Rewards to redeem 
Signup for account 100 £5
Like our Facebook page 50 £2.50
Follow us on Instagram 50 £2.50
Place an order worth £100 100 £5
Total 300 £15


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HAVAH Insider Rewards

Earn more HAVAH Smiles for different actions, and turn those HAVAH Points into awesome rewards!

Ways to earn:

  • Signup for an account and get 100 HAVAH Points (£5 discount)
  • Like our Facebook page and get 50 HAVAH Points (£2.5 discount)
  • Follow us on Instagram and get 50 HAVAH Points (£2.50 discount)
  • For every order you place, you get 1 HAVAH Point for every £1 spent

Ways to redeem:

  • By signing up, liking our Facebook page and following us on Instagram, you already have £10 discount to claim towards your first purchase. 
  • For your next order you get £1 discount for every 20 HAVAH Points

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    After you made a purchase, share your referral link with your friends or on social media. You will both get a £20 coupon for purchases over £90. 

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